Project Made Possible by the Samuel and Claire Edes Prize for Emerging Artists
Presented by the Edes Foundation and the University of Chicago

I am thrilled and so grateful for the Edes Prize grant from the Edes Foundation in conjunction with the University of Chicago, for making my project possible.

From July 2014-15, I will be working on an original performance piece on Ora Nichols, the pioneer of radio sound effects and in fact, a pioneer of modern sound.

A brief article on the prize itself and the nature of the project can be found on UChicago Arts online.
And a podcast interview with Drew Messigner-Michaels Everybody's Talking at Once can be found here.
The podcast is an in depth discussion of the project but also about many other related topics. 

On this page, I will be periodically sharing information, stories and developments relating to the project. 

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